Webinar: Achieving Sustainable Culture Change using HRO Principles

Webinar: Achieving Sustainable Culture Change using HRO Principles

Webinar Topic:  Achieving Sustainable Culture Change using High Reliability Principles


Date: July 24, 2020

Session Title: Achieving Sustainable Culture Change using High Reliability Principles

Presented by: Margaret Russell, RN, BSN, MSN, Certified Life Coach, has many years of experience in team leadership and the challenge of cultural change. As Chief of Quality Safety and Value (QSV) service for a Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Ms. Russell successfully transformed the culture taking her facility from 1-star to 5-star facility (highest rating). Her passion for “Just culture” and “the voice of the employee” ensure that behavior change is sustainable through individual motivation as well as through strong and trustworthy leadership. Creating strong leaders who are compassionate yet demand excellence and moving culture from external accountability to one of ownership is Ms Russell’s strength in creating sustainable change.

Early and continuous mobility is a tangible patient safety intervention that impacts many areas of preventable patient harm, and can improve both quality outcomes, cost of care, and the patient and family experience. With over 20 years of nursing experience in critical care, long term care, hospice and nursing management, as well as business management, Ms Russell has a firm grasp of what it takes to set and achieve goals, consider the business case, and the personal and clinical implications of change in small and large organizations alike. Ms. Russell has given numerous professional presentations regarding Quality and Patient Safety, Change Management, Just Culture and Sustaining Process Improvements.

Mentoring is Ms Russell’s life-long mission. In 2007, she achieved an award as an advanced mentor within the VHA System, and in 2010 she became a certified Life Coach with the Fowler Wainwright Institute of Professional Coaching. In 2013, received the YWCA annual award for Volunteer of the Year for mentoring, and is currently a faculty member at Saginaw Valley State University. Ms Russell believes we are all more than our past and that setting future-focused goals are the keys to personal and professional success.


Description: This session will explore how a safety culture assessment impacts your potential success in implementing your early mobility program. How to assess your culture, and practical strategies to address barriers will be presented. Principles of high reliability are essential to sustainable change and will be threaded throughout to demonstrate specific activities that will build sustainability into your Early Mobility Program and transform it from people and time dependent to an integrated culture of care.



By the end of this session, attendees will be able to

  • Identify 3 elements of an effective culture of safety assessment
  • Describe 3 general actions that will build a healthy culture for early mobility
  • Describe 3 specific activities related to your early mobility program that will transform it from people dependent to culture of care