Webinar Ticket Maria Teresa Palleschi

Webinar Topic: Mobility and Sepsis - Expanding the Continuum


Date: September 25, 2020
Session Title: Mobility and Sepsis - Expanding the Continuum

Presented By: Maria Teresa Palleschi RN DNP ACNP-BC CCRN and Sue Sirianni RN DNP ANP-BC ACNP-BC CCRN

Description: Although seps
is mortality has improved with the application of evidence-based sepsis

guidelines, an increased focus is needed to address post sepsis syndrome in survivors. This webinar will provide current evidence on sepsis care and examine the relationship between pre sepsis mobility and how it affects

post sepsis outcomes. This webinar is beneficial for all healthcare providers who care for patients with sepsis.

  • Pre sepsis mobility greatly affects post sepsis outcomes

  • Learn how comorbid conditions impact recovery

  • Great educational offering for RNs, PT, OT and Patient Care Associates

    Objectives: By the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

Describe the relationship of baseline mobility on post sepsis outcomes.

Discuss the impact of comorbid conditions on recovery from sepsis.

Identify implications for post sepsis care.