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Luther Borgardt

Senior Advisor



Luther earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from California State University, San Bernardino in 1999.  Shortly thereafter he earned his Master of Science degree in Nursing, from the same university, while working as a staff nurse on a telemetry unit. During his time on the telemetry unit, he was detailed to a team that implemented the newly emerging ‘Bar Code Medication Administration’ software throughout the hospital.  


The experience of training and implementing new software open his eyes to the world of clinical informatics.  Luther spent years as beta-tester and a trainer for many healthcare-related applications and has sat on many national committees and work-groups to assist with the development and improvement of clinical software.


Late into his Nursing career, Luther became interested in data mining.  He taught himself Structured Query Language (SQL) to pull information from national databases.  For the last 6 years he has been gathering data for other nurses, doctors, researchers, and healthcare leadership.  The data has been used for formal research, process improvement projects, and to monitor national quality metrics.


Over the years, Luther has become a proponent of using data in day-to-day operations.  There are many benefits to using data, to include: better decision making, insights and innovations, improved outcomes, financial rewards, and greater patient satisfaction.

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