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Leon Flowers

Data Analyst and Nurse Informatics Consultant



Leon Flowers started his career in Information Technology. Over the course of 14 years, he served as a Help Desk Technician, Desktop Engineer and Systems Administrator. He was instrumental in developing a telemedicine service for an occupational clinic before returning to school. Leon attending UCLA where he achieved his Master of science (MSN) in Nursing. 

He joined the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) as a Nurse Informatics professional where he received an award for outstanding service. Leon now works for a county hospital as a Learning Management System (LMS) Administrator while pursuing his Doctorate-of-Nursing Practice (DNP) in Nursing Informatics. 


Leon has been instrumental in helping build dashboards for early mobility to make it easy to present complex data to decision-makers across the healthcare organization from front line staff to executive leadership.  He is excited about discovering interesting patterns in data and believes that technology can be made user-friendly for everyone.

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