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Cost of Falls

Incidence of Falls 

  • 1.7-25 per 1000 patient days (AHRQ)

  • 3.56 (boulder et al)

Average added cost of care per patient fall

$13,063.50 (average with or without an injury)

  • Morello RT, Barker AL, Watts JT, Haines T,ZavarsekSS, Hill KD, Brand C,SheringtonC, Wolfe R,BohenskyMA, Stoelwinder JU. The Extra Resource Burden of In Hospital Falls: A cost of falls study. MJA 2015. 203(9); 367.e1367.e8. 11

  • Bouldin EL, Andresen EM, Dunston NE, Simon M, Waters TM, Liu M, Daniels MJ,Mion LC,Shorr RI. Falls Among Adult Patients Hospitalized in the US. Prevalenceand Trends: J Patient Safety 2013 (Mar). 9(1): 13-7.  Doi: 10.1097/PTS.0b013e3182699664

  • Quigley P, & White S. Hospital-Based Fall Program Measurement and Improvement in High Reliability Organizations. Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 2013(May).18(2): Manuscript 5.

Know the Facts 

$4,119 average cost savings per patient 1* 

1. Based on average of costs for first 7 days in ICU. Dasta JF, McLaughlin TP, Mody SH, Piech CT. Daily cost of an intensive care unit day: the contribution of mechanical ventilation. Crit Care Med. 2005;33(6):1266–1271.

Move in 

the Right Direction 

The evidence shows there is drastic savings associated with having a working Early Mobility Program.  However starting off on the right foot has been shown to have many barriers which is what led us to offer consulting services and full Early Mobility Programs. 

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Calculator has developed a proprietary EM calculator that will help you estimate savings.  

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