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Building a foundation for culture change


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EarlyMobility.Com Conference 2024

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Build a foundation on culture change

Early Mobility is now offering consulting services.  The team we have assembled has 100+ years of consulting experience and are the foremost experts on Early Mobility and Safe Patient Mobility™ practices. 

Meet our  



We're pleased and humbled to introduce you to our  esteemed advisory board members.

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In the News

Overzealous in preventing falls, hospitals are producing an ‘epidemic of immobility’ in elderly patients

Insights from Industry Experts

Early Mobility

Leading the Way in Early Mobility and Rehabilitation in the ICU

Christiane Perme

Mrs. Perme has extensive experience in treating adult patients in Intensive Care Unit with special interest in patients requiring mechanical ventilation. She is recognized as an expert speaker nationally and internationally, including Russia (2014), Brazil (2010, 2012, 2013, 2015), Nigeria (2011) and at the World

Physical Therapy Congress in Spain (2003), Canada (2007),
Netherlands (2011).

Dr. Dale Needham

The Time is Now

Dr. Dale Needham

Dr Dale Needham is an Intensivist and Medical Director of the Critical Care Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Program at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD and a Professor in Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine, and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins University. He is Director of the Outcomes After Critical Illness & Surgery (OACIS) group at Johns Hopkins University, that is a multi-disciplinary clinical and research team focused on research and quality improvement projects to improve the outcomes of ICU patients.

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Eileen Rubin

Owner of the ARDS foundation, on her 25th Anniversary as an ARDS Survivor. Twenty-five years ago, on June 2, 1995, my world changed forever. When I was 33 years old, I was suddenly admitted to with hospital in septic shock and later diagnosed with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).......


Dr. Dale Needham

Overcoming Barriers to Early Mobility with Dr. Dale Needham

Dr. Dale Needham Part 2

Early Mobility in the Intensive Care Unit is safe and beneficial for patients. However, there are many barriers that can be challenging to overcome. Dr. Needham is the senior author on a recent review of barriers and strategies to help integrate Early Mobility into routine clinical care.
(Dubb et al. Barriers and Strategies for Early Mobilization of Patients in Intensive Care Units. 

Annals ATS 2016 (May); 13(5): 724-730).

Learning from Space Environments

NASA Early Mobility
  • Studies on Astronauts and space induced elimination of Gravity (Gz-head to toe gravity) versus bed rest elimination of gravity (even though Gx-transverse gravity) still occurs, showed remarkably similar physiological impairments as a result of BED REST ALONE

  • Even in healthy, peak fitness astronauts

  • Critical illness complexity of dysfunction 

What difference does a day make?

A huge difference!  Start mobilizing day one!

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