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2024 Conference 

April 14th-16th 2024

Orlando Florida 

Marriot World Center 
8701 WORLD


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Apr 14, 2024, 6:00 PM EDT
Do not miss this unique opportunity to interact with your customers!

About The Event

The TEAM MOBILITY 2024 conference will be an  immersive mix of latest evidence and research, interdisciplinary discussion and hands-on applied case-based learning to implement Safe Early and Continuous Mobility. (SECM)

Interactive discussions among between doctors, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, patients and technology solutions experts will help you build your team and understand how to engage other disciplines to promote a culture of Safe, Early and Continuous Mobility in your facility. 

You will hear best early and continuous mobility practices from experts around the world and will have opportunity to interact with, and discuss your challenges with leading experts in the field. 

Interdisciplinary panel, patient survivor panel, team building activities, hands-on clinical case-based learning and more. If you are looking for practical solutions and “How to actually DO the mobility”, this conference is for you!


Target audience:

Clinicians across all disciplines who are implementing safe patient handling or early mobility programs (Safe Early and Continuous Mobility)

Administrators who are looking to connect with experts and solutions to reduce length of stay, falls, pressure injuries and caregiver injuries

Patient safety officers, quality professionals and Risk loss professionals who are looking to improve outcomes, decrease patient harm and find tangible solutions that improve patient care AND reduce cost/risk and harm.


No prior qualifications are needed, and the confernce includes a mix of introductory, intermediate and advanced content. Whether you are new to Safe Early and Continuous Mobility or an expert, you will take away new ideas and strategies from this conference. 

13.2 hours of continuing education credit is applied for and we will update the website once approved. Attendance at all sessions will be required and completion of an evaluation form with self-reported achievement of learnign objectives to be awarded CEU. 


This conference is highly interactive, and one of our ways to reach those who are not able to attend in person is through videos, pictures and conversations from the conference. By registering for this conference, your consent for your image, video, and voice to be used at the discretion of is implied. We use this media for (but not limited to) educational content, consulting support, and marketing for future events. 


Overarching objectives for this conference.

By the end of this conference, attendees will:

1. Understand why Safe Early and Continuous Mobility (SECM) is needed across all care settings

2. Be able to describe what SECM means, and provide an example of mobility practices that are safe, early and continuous. 

3. Be able to discuss the roles of each discipline to promote a successful integrated SECM program across care settings

4. Understand how technology and the technology solutions experts can transform the ability to achieve highest level of functional independence for patients, even as staffing shortages surge and threaten care provision

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“This was by far the best conference we have ever attended for interaction with attendees”

“I loved the collaboration among vendors, and the practical application of the solutions”

“I loved being able to be part of the demonstrations and learn from the experts along with the attendees”

“This was the best way to showcase our equipment -seeing it used in clinical scenarios”

“Interacting with attendees as peers, all on the same page to try and make a difference for patient and staff safety was an amazing experience”

“Excellent value - loved the speed-dating and all opportunities to interact with attendees in so many different ways”

World Renowned Speakers


Margaret Arnold


Tony Hilton


Kali Dayton


Nancy McGann


Jenna Hightower


Dr. Devang Sanghavi

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