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About The Event

The TEAM MOBILITY 2025 conference is poised to offer an immersive blend of the latest evidence and research, interdisciplinary dialogue, and practical, case-based learning aimed at implementing Safe Early and Continuous Mobility (SECM).

Interactive discussions will occur among medical professionals including doctors, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, as well as patients and technology solutions experts. This platform will facilitate the development of effective interdisciplinary teams and provide insights into engaging various disciplines to foster a culture of Safe, Early, and Continuous Mobility within healthcare facilities.

Attendees will glean insights into best practices for early and continuous mobility from esteemed experts worldwide and will have the opportunity to engage in discussions regarding challenges with leaders in the field.

The conference agenda includes interdisciplinary panels, patient survivor panels, team-building activities, hands-on clinical case-based learning sessions, and more. If you seek practical solutions and actionable strategies for implementing mobility initiatives, this conference is tailored for you.

Target Audience:

The conference welcomes clinicians from all disciplines involved in implementing safe patient handling or early mobility programs (Safe Early and Continuous Mobility), administrators seeking to connect with experts and solutions to enhance patient outcomes and reduce associated risks and costs, and professionals such as patient safety officers, quality professionals, and risk management professionals striving to improve outcomes and mitigate harm.

No prior qualifications are required, and the conference program encompasses a mix of introductory, intermediate, and advanced content. Whether attendees are new to Safe Early and Continuous Mobility or seasoned experts, they can expect to gain fresh insights and strategies.

Continuing education credit totaling 13.2 hours will be applied for, with updates provided on the conference website upon approval. Attendees must participate in all sessions and complete an evaluation form, including self-reported achievement of learning objectives, to be awarded CEUs.

This conference emphasizes interactivity, and for those unable to attend in person, we utilize videos, pictures, and conversations from the event. By registering, attendees implicitly consent to the use of their image, video, and voice at the discretion of for educational content, consulting support, and future event marketing.

Overarching Objectives:

By the conclusion of the conference, attendees will:

  1. Grasp the importance of Safe Early and Continuous Mobility (SECM) across diverse care settings.

  2. Articulate the concept of SECM and provide examples of safe, early, and continuous mobility practices.

  3. Discuss the roles of various disciplines in fostering a successful integrated SECM program across care settings.

  4. Appreciate how technology, coupled with the expertise of technology solutions professionals, can enhance functional independence for patients, particularly in the face of staffing shortages posing challenges to care provision.

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