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Hyatt-Regency-L059c-Resort-stk-R-orange-RGB.731x210-PSR.png Summit
April 13-15, 2022 | Ft. Myers, Florida

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Wednesday April 13 2022 

0800-1600: Vendor set up

1600-1800: Opening remarks, The problem in focus! Patient and Caregiver Testimonials “Why we need change” 

Introductions and getting to know one another socially.


Thursday April 14, 2022

0700-0800 Breakfast in the Exhibitor area

0800-08:30: Large group (All exhibitors and panelists) Moderated Discussion: Universal Challenges 

0830-0930: Care setting teams break off for small group moderated discussions in that care setting: Unique challenges for those care settings


09:30-0945: Break / Coffee

09:45-12:00: Technology demonstrations and evaluations (Each “Expert panel” will be stationed in a clinical setting as realistic to the actual care environment as possible with live patient actors. Vendors will have scheduled times to present their technologies and discuss with the expert panel how to promote active safe patient mobility using this technology).

Considerations will include:

  • Types of patients who would benefit from this technology in this care setting 

  • Specific recommendations about how to use the technology to promote ACTIVE participation by the patient to achieve mobility goals and keep caregivers safe

  • Concerns, precautions or contraindications for use of the technology with certain patient populations or considerations

  • Specific feedback and comments for each vendor by the panelists after the presentations (Will only be shared with that vendor)


12:00-1:00: Lunch in Exhibition Hall


1:00-3:00: Technology demonstrations and evaluations continued


3:00-3:30 Break in Exhibitor Area


3:30-4:00: Small group care setting team discussions and consensus building


4:00-5:00: Exhibitor time for increased clarification and further panelist understanding of options and possibilities with technologies



6:00: TBD Evening activity planned for all who would like to join e.g. discounted dinner / sunset cruise or similar.. 



Friday April 15, 2022

0700-0800 Breakfast in Exhibitor area

0800-0900: Review of prior day’s work and next steps


0900-11:30 Clinical scenario based application of recommendations. (In each clinical setting, the interdisciplinary expert panel will discuss application of the recommendations for a range of clinical cases with a live patient). They will actually perform the mobilization, discussing mobility goals, precautions, safety, dignity and decision-making process for their choices of technology and how they use them. Exhibitors are invited to participate in these sessions to observe, provide product use support for the team and share ideas during the discussions. 

All scenarios will be recorded for educational and marketing use by Marketing materials will be shared with all exhibitors. 


(Coffee will be available during these sessions as timelines will be flexible for each team based on discussions. We will aim for 2-3 scenarios per care setting). 



Final discussion and wrap up. 

EarlyMobility 2022 Summit
EarlyMobility 2022 Summit
Apr 13, 2022, 4:00 PM
Bonita Springs
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